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US Shipping: $8 | Intl: $16

All COCK hats are made by me in my living room with my sewing machine. No two are exactly identical. Put it on your head and stare into people's souls.

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COCK Beanie


US Shipping: $8 | Intl: $16

These are fleece-lined beanies and they are very warm and comfy. One size fits most. The word COCK is professionally embroidered on the brim by professionals with fancy machines that I can't afford.

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1337 COCK Hat (Limited Edition while supplies last)


US Shipping: $8 | Intl: Depends

These are firm-fronted snapback caps with flat bills. The word COCK is spelled out with traingular punk studs. Each hat has a unique serial number (starting with 1) hand-embroidered into the sweatband. Each hat takes several hours to make and is done by me in my living room. These hats glisten in the sunlight and look dank as fuck.

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Custom COCK Hats

$25 + materials

US Shipping: Depends | Intl: Depends

If you want any special customizations (different hat type, tassles, different colors of fabric or base hat, etc), this is the option for you.


20 stickers for $5 + shipping

You'll get 20 stickers for this price.
These stickers are paper, not vinyl, which makes them really hard to remove
I don't encourage vandalism but other people do ;)

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How to Purchase

1. Decide what you want
2. Send me an email with a list of what you want and where you live
3. I respond with a final price that includes shipping and a link to a page you can go to for payment processing
4. Go to the link and send the shekels
4.1. Tell me you sent me shekels
5. I ship your stuff to you

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