— Yeah it's mail with cocks

Mailing List has a rather active mailing list. you don't need an email address to join, but keep in mind that the mailing list can get as much as 100 posts per hour. you'll want to set up a filter if you're going to use an email account you already use.

how to join

email and respond to the confirmation email.

how to leave

email and respond to the confirmation email.

reply style (top- or bottom-posting)

if you strictly use partial quoting (either remove the quote or only partially quote), then bottom posting is fine. otherwise, reply on top. don't reply on bottom if you're going to make people scroll past miles of quotes.

how to post to mailing list

once you're subscribed, email with your post. It will be copied to everyone in the list

how to reply to a post

click "Reply List" or "Reply all". if you click "Reply" you will privately email the person who posted.