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This page hopefully contains everything you could possibly need to know about having a account. Support is not generally available on so you really just need to figure this one out yourself.

Using e-mail

How can I connect my mail client?
Your username is your full e-mail address, the server name is, and encryption is required. This should be all you need.
How do I mark something as spam?
Move the e-mail to your Junk folder.
Can I use a recipient delimiter such as
You can use . for this purpose. So
I forgot my password!
Passwords are not reset for any reason. Good luck.
I can log into but not webmail. What gives?
Either webmail is broken or your account is banned. Webmail doesn't break very often.
Is there 2factor?
Ya 1 factor's ur username's the other's ur password

Using XMPP

How do I use XMPP?
With an XMPP client. You log in with your credentials and it just werks
What's a good XMPP client?
They're all garbage.


Why is free?
Any service needs money to continue their operations, and time to maintain the service and keep things in order. is funded by its users, and if the account gets low we can always send someone around with a tin can and a spoon. Users are also invited to check's sister services (like cockbox) whose profits subsidize the time spent maintaining the service. Users have an incentive to fund the site, its operators have an incentive to keep it in good standing. Everyone's happy.
Do you work with the government? regularly receives reports from international law enforcement, and these reports are always encouraged so accounts engaged in illegal activity can be disabled. However the privacy policy specifically restricts the sharing of any user information without a legal order enforceable in its jurisdiction. This privacy policy as well as better education of law enforcement who contact of the nature of anonymous e-mail has resulted in no user information being disclosed since 2017. All information disclosures are available on the transparency page.