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Report Abuse absolutely does not tolerate abuse of its servers. However, people can use e-mail for all sorts of terrible things.'s commitment to allowing anonymous e-mail registrations is complemented by a very quick response time to abuse reports.

To submit abuse, please include all relevant information (including full messages with headers attached) as an E-mail to abuse // Due to my privacy policy which protects my user's data, you will probably not receive a response (This is commonplace amongst E-mail providers). However, rest assured your complaint will be investigated promptly and thouroughly.

Law Enforcement is operated by OvO Systems Ltd. in the country of Seychelles. We encourage all international law enforcement to get in touch when they suspect a account of illegal activity by e-mailing legal // However, due to the fact that allows registrations by Tor and other anonymizing tools, as well as our privacy policy that restricts sharing data outside where it is required in our jurisdiction, a demand for a user's location data is very unlikely to be successful. Still, that shouldn't deter you from submitting an abuse report.